Outdoor Rock Fireplace Design
Rustic Style

The best rock fireplace design uses rocks that easily complement a rustic style. A rustic outdoor fireplace design will feature an outdoor rock fireplace and other natural elements. In general, masonry fireplace designs lend themselves to a rustic style. For example, you could design a patio fireplace that features river rock as well as unfinished weathered teak furniture and one or two wrought iron candle holders.

Before you create your backyard area, you will need to decide on the design details you want as well as how to create the mood you desire. These are the questions you should ask yourself before you get started:

Rock Fireplace Design

1) How is this outside space going to be used?
Designing a rock fireplace can help you create a warm and inviting outdoor space.

2) How would you like to feel in your backyard living space?
Use your outdoor fireplace design to create a restful atmosphere. A space you could feel warm and comfortable in even on cool evenings.

3) Which design style do you want in your space?
These fireplaces work very well with a rustic style. You could create a style that has natural elements and yet very little clutter. Above you will see an example of a rock fireplace design that contains a fireplace and two comfortable chairs.

4) How can you define your outdoor space?
This design in a backyard will need boundaries such as the floor, wall, and ceiling defined. The floor is already defined by the pavers on the patio. The walls are defined by the plants that line all four sides of the patio. The ceiling is simply the open sky.

5) How can you arrange your outdoor lighting to enhance you outdoor space?
The light from the outdoor fireplace and some inconspicuous garden lighting provides the lighting during the evening.

6) How much of this project will you do yourself, and how much will be done by someone else?
The more you do on your project, the lower your budget will be and inversely, the more time you will need to complete your outdoor space. For example, you may be interested in building your own fireplace from an outdoor fireplace kit.

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